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FYBCOM Economics Notes | Free Study Material | Mumbai University

FYBCOM Economics Notes
FYBCOM Economics Notes

FYBCOM Economics Notes
(Semester 1)

1) Introduction to Business Economics Click Here
2) Market Demand and Market Supply Click Here
3) Demand Analysis Click Here
4) Demand Estimation and Forecasting Click Here
5) Supply and Production Decisions Click Here
6) Economies of Scale and
Diseconomies of Scale
Click Here
7) Cost Concepts Click Here
8) Extension of Cost Analysis Click Here
FYBCOM Economics Notes

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FYBCOM Economics Notes
(Semester 2)

1) Perfect Competition Click Here
2) Monopoly Click Here
3) Monopolistic Competition Click Here
4) Oligopolistic Market Click Here
5) Pricing Methods Click Here
6) Price Discrimination Click Here
7) Capital Budgeting Click Here
8) Techniques of Investment AppraisalClick Here
FYBCOM Economics Notes

FYBCOM Economics Notes Needs :

The goal of the FYBCOM foundation course is to give students a solid foundation in business and commerce.
These are the main requirements and advantages of this course:

  • Introduction to Commerce: This course satisfies the requirement to expose students to the core ideas and concepts of commerce, such as trade, finance, and corporate organization.
  • Creating a Firm Foundation: By addressing key subjects and theories, it seeks to create a firm basis for further study in business and related professions.
  • Building Analytical Skills: The course aids students in acquiring the analytical and critical thinking abilities required for comprehending and resolving business difficulties.
  • Business environment knowledge: It gives students a comprehension of the business environment, including its economic, legal, and social facets.

You can download the Business Economics book pdf  Click here

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