Fybcom Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 8 Notes
Fybcom Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 8 Notes

Fybcom Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 8 Notes
(Personnel Correspondence)

Q.1A) Read the following statements and identify the letter it belongs to:
Job Application letter, appointment letter, letter of acceptance, confirmation letter, termination letter, resignation letter, letter of appreciation.

1) I have been fortunate enough to make a number of presentations during my college days.
Answer: Job Application letter

2) I am sure you will find my qualifications commensurate to your requirements.
Answer: Job Application letter

3) You will now receive an enhanced basic of R 12,500 along with all other perks offered by the company.
Answer: Confirmation letter

4) Your untiring efforts have resulted in bringing about this much sought project.
Answer: Appreciation letter

5) I will now be joining Messers Baba & Co. which is closer to my new address.
Answer: Resignation letter

6) You will appreciate that in the present circumstances it will not be possible for us to continue your services.
Answer: Termination letter

7) l am indeed grateful for your offer.
Answer: Letter of acceptance

8) Your hours of duty will be between 10.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.
Answer: Appointment letter

Q.1B) Choose the correct answer

1) The traditional resume is called the ________ resume.
a) chronological
b) functional
c) combined

2) A ________ is a letter which expresses the personal opinion of a referee.
a) recommendation
b) termination
c) confirmation

3) _________ letter appreciates employee professionalism
a) memorandum
b) testimonial
c) appreciation

4) __________ letter is written in response to a post published in a newspaper
a) acceptance
b) Solicited
c) unsolicited

5) A resume is accompanied by ________ letter.
a) testimonial
b) appointment
c) covering

Q.1C) State whether the following statements are true or false

  1. Unlike the traditional format of resume writing where the actual names of the companies you have worked in are highlighted, in functional resume, they are placed in a subordinate position and are not formally described. – True
  2. It is recommended that the chronological resume always do Objective or Summary, to focus the reader. – False
  3. Jobs are advertised through websites but applications should never be sent through E-mail. – False
  4. Letter of resignation is written only when the employee is with discontented with the employer. – False
  5. Writing a letter of acceptance on being selected is a positive move. – True
  6. The conventional form of resume is appropriate for all types of applicants. – False

Q.1D) Identify which statements are the Do’s’ and which are the ‘Don’ts when drafting a Resume

  1. Be truthful about your achievements. – Do
  2. Plead your case and allow your emotions to reflect in your resume. – Don’t
  3. Write your resume at one stretch and do not revise it afterwards. – Don’t
  4. Use concise, unambiguous sentences and avoid over-writing. – Do
  5. Focus on information that’s relevant to your own career goals. – Do
  6. Use multiple colours to make your resume attractive. – Don’t
  7. Resume must always reflect your individuality. – Do

Q.1E) Identify the Do’s and Don’ts of writing a Statement of Purpose.

  1. Research on the course and its prospects. – Do
  2. Use time tested Common statements. – Don’t
  3. Talk about what have been your efforts for realizing your ambition. – Do
  4. Provide all superfluous information as something may be important. – Don’t
  5. Describe your unique experiences and mention how they have been learning experiences for you and have shaped your perspective in life. – Do
  6. Check whether the tone is too formal or not formal enough. – Do
  7. Use special effects like italics, bold and colour. – Don’t
  8. Make a straightforward mention of your extracurricular achievement. – Do

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