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BCOM Notes & Free Study Material – Mumbai University

Bcom Notes
Bcom Notes


Free Study Material  
FYBCOM Sem 1 Notes FYBCOM Sem 2 Notes 
Business Economics Notes  Business Economics Notes  
Business Communication Notes Business Communication Notes 
Foundation Course Notes Foundation Course Notes 
Commerce Notes Commerce Notes 
Mathematical and Statistical Notes Mathematical and Statistical Notes 
Accountancy and Financial Management Notes Accountancy and Financial Management Notes 
Environmental Studies Notes Environmental Studies Notes 

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Free Study Material
SYBCOM Sem 3 NotesSYBCOM Sem 4 Notes
1) Accountancy & Financial Management III1) Accounting and Financial Management IV
2) Introduction to Management Accounting2) Financial Accounting and Auditing
3) Business Economics III3) Advertising II
4) Business Law I4) Commerce IV
5) Commerce III5) Business Law II
6) Foundation Course III6) Business Economics IV
7) Advertising I7) Marketing Management
8) Marketing Management8) Foundation Course IV

Important Notice: Be sure to come back for the most recent updates and improvements as we work to keep our textbook solutions updated.


Free Study Material
TYBCOM Sem 5 NotesTYBCOM Sem 6 Notes
1) Financial Accounting1) Financial Accounting
2) Cost Accounting2) Cost Accounting
3) Commerce – V3) Commerce VI (Human Resource Management)
4) Business Economics – V4) Business Economics VI
5) Direct Tax5) Indirect Taxes (Goods and Services Tax)
6) Marketing Research – I6) Marketing Research – II
7) Export Marketing 7) Export Marketing
8) Financial Management8) Financial Management
9) Computer Systems And Applications9) Computer Systems And Applications
10) Management & Organization Development10) Management & Organization Development

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