TYBCOM Sem 6 Export Marketing Question Paper April 2023
TYBCOM Sem 6 Export Marketing Question Paper April 2023

TYBCOM Sem 6 Export Marketing Question Paper April 2023

Time:3 Hrs.                                                                                                                              Marks:100


  1. All Questions are Compulsory
  2. Figures to the right state the marks allotted to the questions.

Q.1. A. Select the most appropriate answer from the options given below (Any Ten). (10)

1) _______  is a process of giving a distinct name or a mark to a product in order to give a distinct identity.

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Insurance
  • Warranty

2) Phrases like `This side up’, `Protect from water’, ‘Fragile- Handle with care’ etc. are examples of _________

  • Marking
  • Labeling
  • Advertising
  • Branding

3.________ quotation includes the expenses incurred till the goods are loaded on the board of ship at the port of shipment.

  • FOB
  • C&F
  • CIF
  • FOD

4) _________ is the intermediary between the manufacturer and overseas buyer.

  • Domestic manufacturer
  • Importer
  • Merchant Exporter,
  • Contractor

5) _________ refers to the activity of moving items within warehouse and retail stores.

  • Inventory management
  • Network design
  • Materials handling
  • Facility location

6) ___________ helps in obtaining leads from prospective buyers.

  • Advertising
  • Publicity
  • Personal Selling
  • Trade discount

7) ________ Switch trading, Barter and Off Set are methods of

  • Inspection
  • Promotion
  • Insurance
  • Countertrade

8) ___________ Pre shipment finance is also known as

  • Packing credit
  • Deemed finance
  • Forfeiting
  • EPCG

9. __________ provides finance to Small and Micro Enterprises.

  • ECGC
  • DGFT
  • SEZ

10. RCMC for status holder exporters is issued by ______

  • DGFT
  • EIC
  • FIE0
  • Commodity Boards

11) ___________ helps the exporter to complete shipment formalities and customs procedures.

  • EPC
  • Tax authorities
  • C&F agent
  • Importer

12) The basic document containing all the information which is required for the preparation of other documents is____________

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Consular Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin

Ql.11. State whether the following statements are True or False. (Any Ten)  (10)

  1. A product warranty is an assurance from the exporter that the product will perform as stipulated.
  2. Labeling helps to give statutory information of the products to the customers.
  3. Under CIF quotation, the exporter has to obtain marine insurance policy to cover the risk/damages in transit,
  4. Product characteristics do influence the choke of distribution channels in export marketing.
  5. The exporter need not consider the urgency of the buyer in selecting the mode of transport in international markets.
  6. Advertising helps in handling objections of the buyer.
  7. Countenrade is a system of exchange between countries in which goods and services are used as payment rather than money.
  8. Packing credit is provided to exporters for purchase of capital goods.
  9. EXIM helps Indian exporters by providing insurance protection.
  10. Pre shipment inspection of goods is needed for goods having ISO certification.
  11. The exporter’s agent has to obtain the carting order from the Port Tnist Authorities.
  12. Consular Invoice states the country of origin of the goods

Q.2. Answer any two of the following                                                                               (15)

  1. Discuss the various factors influencing branding decisions
  2. What are the factors determining export price?
  3. Calculate the minimum FOB price which can be quoted by an exporter to USA from the following details.
  4. Also calculate the amount of foreign exchange that can be earned if one American dollar is equal to Rs. 80/-
Material Cost Rs 65,000
Labour Cost  Rs 10,000
Transport Cost Rs. 5,000
Contribution to Profit@10% of FOB cost
Duty Drawback @10% of FOB price

Q.3.Answer any two of the following                                                                                (15)

  1. What are the factors influencing choice of distribution channels in export marketing?
  2. Explain the need for Insurance in Export Marketing
  3. Discuss the importance of trade fairs and exhibitions in export marketing.

Q.4. Answer any two of the following                                                                            (15)

  1. Describe the procedure to open a Letter of Credit.
  2. Distinguish between Pre-shipment finance and Post-shipment finance.
  3. Explain the role of commercial banks in providing export finance.

Q.5. Answer any two of the following                                                                                         (15)

  1. Explain the pre-shipment procedure in exports,
  2. Discuss the custom clearance formalities to be completed by an exporter.
  3. State the importance of commercial invoice.

Q6. Write Short Notes on the following: (Any four)                                                               (20)

  1. Product planning decisions for export marketing
  2. Export Pricing Quotations
  3. Trade-oriented sales promotion techn.iqties
  4. Methods of Payment in Export Marketing
  5. Export against Letter of Undertaking

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Tips to score good marks in TYBCOM Exam

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  2. Remain arranged: Plan a study schedule and stick to it. Take time to rest and refresh during breaks.
  3. Regularly review your notes: Regularly reviewing back your notes will help you keep the content in your memory.
  4. Practice, practice, practice: By working through sample problems and completing sample tests, you can identify your areas of weakness and become familiar with the exam’s format.
  5. Ask for assistance if you need it: If you’re having trouble with the subject, don’t be shy to ask for assistance. You can seek advice from your teacher, a classmate, or a tutor.
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  8. Stay focused during the exam: Avoid being distracted during the exam by remaining focused. Take a deep breath and return your attention to the activity at hand if you realize that your mind is roaming.
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