TYBCOM Sem 6 Economics Question Paper April 2023
TYBCOM Sem 6 Economics Question Paper April 2023

TYBCOM Sem 6 Economics Question Paper April 2023

Time 3hrs
Marks 100

  1. All questions are compulsory
  2. Figures to the right indicate full marks

Q1 A. Choose the correct answer and rewrite the statement (Any Ten).  (10)

1) International trade will not take place under____ cost difference.
a) comparative
b) absolute
c) equal
d) average

2) If — USA < PL India, India is ______ country.
a) Labour scare
b) Capital abundant
c) Labour abundant      
d) Labour neutral

3) Reciprocal demand is expressed in terms of_____
a) Cost curves
b) Supply curves
c) Offer curves 
d) Lorenz curve

4) The main objective of trade barriers is ———-.
a) To increase employment 
b) To reduce unnecessary imports.
c) To increase exports
d) To increase imports

5) Imposition of tariff, raises domestic prices causing fall in consumption of domestic goods is  ______effect of tariffs.
a) Productive effect                           
b) Revenue effect
c) Protective effect                           
d) Transfer effect

6) Brexit is the name given to the departure of_____ from the European Union.
a) Belgium
b) Britain
c) Poland
d) Bulgaria

7) Current account balance records all the receipts and payments for______
a) Only visible items
b) Only invisible items
c) Both visible and invisible items
d) Loans taken

8) Devaluation is ______ adjustment in value of the currency of the country
a) Downward
b) Upward
c) Vertical
d) Neutral

9) WTO replaced _____ in 1995.
b) TRIMs
d) GATs

10) As per Purchasing Power Parity theory exchange rate is determined by Comparing_
a) Prices 
b) Import
c) Purchasing power                     
d) Export

11) Spot exchange rate is___________
a) Managed exchange rate             
b) Fixed exchange rate
c) Floating exchange ratel
d) Current exchange rate

12) Hedging function is about covering risk through _____________.
a) Specutation
b) Forward exchange
c) Static exchange
d) Backward exchange

Q.1. B) State whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE (Any 10).  (10)

  1. According to modern theory there is no need for a separate theory of international trade.
  2. Jacob Viner developed the concept of Income terms of trade .
  3. Equilibrium terms of trade are determined through offer curves
  4. Free trade leads to an increase in cost and inefficiency.
  5. Specific duties are imposed on a fixed percentage of the value of imported goods.
  6. India is a dialog partner of ASEAN.
  7. Medium-term loans of a country are denoted in the Current account of BOP.
  8. Exchange control is restricting the use of foreign currency.
  9. TRIPS agreement covers intellectual property in case of geographical Identities.
  10. Countries in the world are following a fixed exchange rate system.
  11. Speculation is opposite to hedging.
  12. The aim of RBI’s intervention in the foreign exchange market is to reduce excess volatility.

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Q.2) Answer any two of the following. (15)

  1. Explain Ricardian Comparative Cost Difference Theory of International Trade,
  2. Discuss different concepts of Terms of Trade.
  3. Describe various types of gains from trade.

Q. 3 Answer any two of the following. (15)

  1. Discuss the arguments favour of and against free trade policy.
  2. Describe different type of tariffs.
  3. Explain the objectives and achievements of the European Union.

Q. 4 Answer any two of the following. (15)

  1. Explain the concept and_structure of balance of payments:
  2. Analyze different measures to correct disequilibrium in balance of payments:
  3. ‘Briefly explain the WTO’s TRIPs and TRIMS agreements.

Q. 5. Answer any two of the following.                                                                      (15)

  1. Explain how the equilibrium rate of exchange is determined.
  2. Discuss the-purchasing power parity theory of exchange rate determination.
  3. Explain the role of central bank in foreign exchange management.

Q:6 Write short notes on any four of the following                                                     (20)

  1. Offer Curves
  2. Types of Economic integration
  3. Effects of Tariffs
  4. Functions of foreign exchange market
  5. Spot and Forward exchange rate
  6. Types of disequilibrium in balance of payment.

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Tips to score good marks in TYBCOM Exam

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying: begin early. You’ll have more time to learn the topic and solve questions, the earlier you start.
  2. Remain arranged: Plan a study schedule and stick to it. Take time to rest and refresh during breaks.
  3. Regularly review your notes: Regularly reviewing back your notes will help you keep the content in your memory.
  4. Practice, practice, practice: By working through sample problems and completing sample tests, you can identify your areas of weakness and become familiar with the exam’s format.
  5. Ask for assistance if you need it: If you’re having trouble with the subject, don’t be shy to ask for assistance. You can seek advice from your teacher, a classmate, or a tutor.
  6. Get a good night’s sleep: The night before the exam, be sure to get lots of rest. A mind that has got enough sleep is better prepared to memorize and recall information.
  7. Arrive early on exam day: Arrive early on the day of the exam to give yourself time to settle your worries and mentally prepare.
  8. Stay focused during the exam: Avoid being distracted during the exam by remaining focused. Take a deep breath and return your attention to the activity at hand if you realize that your mind is roaming.
  9. Don’t waste too much time on any one question: keep an eye on the time. If you start to struggle, leave it and return to it later.
  10. Review your exam after you’re done: After you’re finished, review your paper for a while. By doing this, you’ll be able to correct any mistakes you may have made and provide any answers you’re not sure about.