TYBCOM Sem 5 Economics Question Paper November 2023
TYBCOM Sem 5 Economics Question Paper November 2023

TYBCOM Sem 5 Economics Question Paper November 2023

[Time: 3 Hours]                                                                               [MARKS: 100]

Please check whether you have got the right question paper
1. All Questions are Compulsory.
2. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 A) Select the correct answer and rewrite the statement (Any ten) : (10 Marks)

1) Social Infrastructure does not include ___________.
a) Agriculture                   
b) Education
c) Family Welfare
d) Heal care facilities

2) The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) otherwise known as the __________.
a) International Goals
b) Local Goals
c) Global Goals
d) National Goals

3) PACS refers to ___________.
a) Primary Agricultural Credit Societies
b) Private Agricultural Credit Societies
c) Primary Agricultural Co-op Societies
d) Personal Agricultural Credit Societies

4) The Major components of a supportive enabling environment include ______________.
a) Well functioning inclusive markets
b) Micro Insurance
c) Agricultural Finance
d) Agricultural Revenue

5) Competition Act is not applicable in the following cases _____________.
a) Public Financial Institutes
b) Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs)
c) Banks
d) Commercial Enterprises

6) National Agricultural policy was Launched on ____________.
a) August 2000
b) July 2000
c) March 2001
d) June 2001

7) Visiting Natural areas without disturbing the fargile ecosystem is ______________.
a) Ecotourism
b) Cultural Tourism
c) Agro Tourism
d) medical Tourism

8) Moody’s is ______________.
a) Global rating agency
b) National ratihg agency
c) Bank rating agency
d) Indigenous rating agency

9) Air pollution is caused by __________________.
a) The release of harmful gasses
b) Prevention of pollution
c) The environment protection
d) Control of e-wastes

10) Money market deals in the borrowing and lending of short-term loans for a period of ____________________.
a) 565 days 
b) 465 days
c) Less than or equal to 365 days   
d) 5 years

11) Financial inclusion aims at providing financial services to _____________________.
a) only industrialists
b) only investors
c) poor people
d) rich people

12. Capital Market is market for _____________________.
a) Short term funds
b) Short and fixed funds
c) Medium and short term funds         
d) Medium and long term funds

Q.1 B) State whether the following statements are True or False. (Any ten) : (10 Marks)

  1. New Economic Policy was launched on 24th July, 1991.
  2. The SDGs and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are same.
  3. All FDIS to India come through the Automatic Route.
  4. Finance from traditional sources is easy to access.
  5. In India here is an immense need for proper agriculture credit as Indian farmers are very poor
  6. Agribusiness is the business of agricultural production.
  7. Competition Act 2003 smoothly replaced the MRTP Act.
  8. MSMEs are labour intensive.
  9. Tourism encourages, the growth of other sectors.
  10. Call money market is a part of the organized sector of Indian Money Market
  11. FDI is not permitted in insurance sector in India
  12. Mutual funds ‘In India have not belied the capital market to grow.

Refer for TYBCOM Sem 5 Economics Question Paper Solutions Click Here

Q.2) Answer ANY TWO of the following: (15 Marks)  
a. Discuss the role of Social infrastrutcre in education.
b. Explain any seven Sustainable Develpoment Goals.
c. Explain the importance of FDI.

Q.3) Answer ANY TWO of the following: (15 Marks)
a. Examine the main features of the National Agricultural Policy 2000
b. Explain the different non- institutional sources of agricultural finance of India.
c. Explain the policy initiatives to improve agricultural marketing infrastructure in India.

Q.4) Answer ANY TWO of the following: (15 Marks)
a. Enumerate the achievements of disinvestment policy in India.
b. Discuss the measures to control industrial pollution in India.
c. Explain the growth of the service sector since 1991.

Q.5) Answer ANY TWO of the following: (15 Marks)
a. Explain the recent trends in the Banking Industry.
b. Discuss the structure of Indian Money Market.
c. Explain recent reforms introduced in capital market in India.

Q.6) Write short notes on ANY FOUR of the following: (15 marks)
1. Liberalization.
2. Role of MNC’s.
3. Role of MSME sector.
4. Measures for development of Tourism in India Competition Act 2002.
5. Indian Capital Market structure.

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