TYBCOM Sem 5 Commerce Question Paper November 2023
TYBCOM Sem 5 Commerce Question Paper November 2023

TYBCOM Sem 5 Commerce Question Paper November 2023

[Time: 3 Hours]                                                                               [MARKS: 100]

1. All questions are compulsory
2. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 A) Fill in the blanks with appropriate options given below (Any Ten) : (10 Marks)

1) _________________ concept of marketing adopts product ekcellence.
a) Production 
b) Selling
c) Marketing                                                 
d) Product

2) ________________  is related to systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to marketing of goods and services.
a) Marketing Research           
b) Management Research 
c) M.I.S.  
d) Product Research

3) A ________________ market is a small market segment.
a) Mini                                                          
b) Micro
c) Niche                                                        
d) Tiny

4) Repetition and recommendation of product results in ___________________.
a) Brand Loyalty       
b) Brand Equity
c) Brand Positioning                                     
d) Brand Extension

5) __________________ means creating a distinct image of a product.
a) Segmentation        
b) Promotion
c) Positioning                                               
d) Penetration

6) __________________ is the internal factor affecting Pricing.
a) Consumers                                               
b) Competition
c) Economic conditions
d) Profit Expected

7) __________________ Under channel, ‘the producer sells the product to the consumer without involving.
a) Direct
b) Indirect
c) Horizontal
d) Vertical

8) __________________ refers to integrating various various methods of promoting a product. a) Pace
b) IMC
c) Productivity
d) Publicity

9) __________________ involves face to face communication and demonstration of product.
a) Advertising
b) Publicity
c) Personal Selling
d) Marketing

10) A Consumer has a right to be __________________.
a) Neglected
b) Heard
c) Seen
d) Disregarded      

11) Promotion of biodegradable products is an example of __________________ Marketing.
a) Green
b) Socailial
c) Rural                                                         
d) Digital

12) ___________________ may be a reason for brand failure.
a) Market segmentation                           
b) Brand positioning
c) Market targeting                                 
d) Lack of CRM

B) State Whether the following statements are True or False. (Any Ten) : (10 Marks)

  1. The societal marketing concept considers society’s long-term best interests along with the satisfaction of customers’ wants and needs.
  2. Marketing Research plays an essential role in creating customer satisfaction.
  3. Perception is a psychological factor affecting consumer behavior.
  4. Marketing mix is a consumer oriented activity.
  5. Intangibility is one of the challenges in service positioning.
  6. Competition is an internal factor affecting pricing decisions.
  7. Channels of Distribution. create only place utility.
  8. Integrated Marketing Communications (MC) does not include Public Relations.
  9. Prospecting is the first step in Personal Selling.
  10. Consumer organizations protect the interest of producers.
  11. Refillable or reusable packaging can be an effective rural marketing strategy.
  12. Reasonable price is one of the factors contributing to the failure of brands in India.

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Q.2) Answer ANY TWO of the following: (15 Marks)
a) Define Marketing. Explain its functions in detail.
b) What is the Marketing Information System (MIS)? Explain components of MIS.
c) Describe the Benefits of Market Segmentation

Q.3) Answer ANY TWO of the following: (15 Marks)
a) Elaborate the Concept of “Product Life Cycle”.
b) What is Product Positioning? Explain strategies involved in Product Positioning.
c) Explain various Pricing Strategies.

Q.4) Answer ANY TWO of the following: (15 Marks)
a) Explain the various components of Subply Chain Management.
b) What is Promotion? Explain the importance of Promotion?
c) What are the different components of sales management?

Q.5) Answer ANY TWO of the following: (15 Marks)
a) Explain the various strategies of Market Leader and Market Challenger.
b) Discuss the importance of green marketing.
c) Elaborate various career options available in marketing.

Q.6) Write short notes on ANY FOUR of the following: (20 Marks)
a) Importance of Marketing.
b) Customer Relationship Management.
c)Essentials of Good Package.
d) Bills required for Effective Selling.
e) Role of Consumer Organization.
f) Factors contributing to the success of a Brand.

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