Fybcom Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 6 Notes
Fybcom Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 6 Notes

Fybcom Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 6 Notes
(Listening Skills)

Q1 A) Choose the correct answer:
1) Listening is said to be _____________.
a) a positive act
b) a passive skill
c) a difficult skill
d) an unnecessary skill

2) ______________ can be solved when individuals or groups listen to each other.
a) word games
b) puzzles
c) tricks
d) problems

3) Management is Interested in Listening to ____________.
a) music to keep the employees entertained
b) grapevine to hear view points of employees
c) tapes with religious songs to keep employees motivated
d) world news

4) Effective speakers ______________ for a moment before an important point.
a) pause
b) smile
c) frown
d) scream

5) Silence indicates ______________.
a) a play of words
b) negation of words
c) indifference
d) respect for the listener

6) Listening is a _______________ effort by the receiver to perceive and understand the message.
a) unconscious
b) conscious
c) universal
d) passive

7) _____________ is undesirable when a speaker is talking.
a) silence
b) distractions
c) attentiveness
d) feedback

8) _____________ is a tool requiring skillful usage.
a) silence
b) distractions
c) attentiveness
d) feedback

Q1 B) Match the following columns:

Column AColumn B
1. SilenceListening in between the lines
2. Intellectual listeningListening with eyes closed
3. Fake listeningProviding lip service while while attending
to other chores
4. Marginal listeningListening inattentively
5. Good listeningNeeds mental discipline

Q1 C) Fill in the blanks in the following sentences :
1) We can no longer afford the luxury of a Bad Listener On our payrolls.
2) One Bad Listener can cause more damage than all good listeners compensate for.
3) In this world, there is not such thing as a uninteresting subject, the are only Bad Listener.
4) Good Listener helps you to concentrate and forces you to try to understand what is being said.
5) Good listening is not a negative or passive behaviour it is a Positive activity.

Q1 D) State whether the following statements are true or false :
1) Pause by speakers before an important point creates suspense – True.
2) Listening involves simple hearing – False.
3) Listening enables understanding of a message – True.
4) Interruption by the listener with a question during a presentation is sign of good listening – False.
5) Management must not listen to employees while framing their plans and policies – False.
6) Summarizing and evaluating helps the listener to check whether .. he has understood the ideas expressed by the speaker – True.
7) A listener should not come prepared for a talk or a discussion – False.
8) Silence always builds walls among people – True

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