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FYBCOM Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 2 Notes | FYBAF | FYBMS | Mumbai University

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FYBCOM Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 2 Notes

FYBCOM Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 2 Notes
(Impact of Technology Enabled Communication)

Q1) Choose the correct answers:

1) Blog is a shortened form of the words __________________ .
a) Blogspot
b) Interblog
c) Weblog
d) Socioblog

2) A ________________ owns, runs or maintains a blog.
a) Blogtrainer
b) Blogger
c) Webber
d) Portal

3) ____________ is the acronymn for modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment.
(a) Model
(b) Modle
(c) Moodel
(d) Moodle

4) Moodle is a ____________.
(a) peripheral
(b) hardware
(c) telecare
(d) software

5) Moodle moots are _________________.
(a) mobile centres
(b) conferences
(c) selling counters
(d) call centres

6) Social media creates ___________________ Communities using a computer.
(a) vicious
(b) virtual
(c) real
(d) vain

7) ____________ social networking service allows you to talk to strangers.
(a) Facebook
(b) Whatsapp
(c) Twitter
(d) Yahoo

8) ______________ social networking service helps connect with old friends.
(a) Facebook
(b) Whatsapp
(c) Twitter
(d) Yahoo

9) ______________ follows a ‘store and forward’ mechanism.
(a) Facebook
(b) Whatsapp
(c) Twitter
(d) Yahoo

10) _____________ social networking service provides free gaming facilities.
(a) Facebook
(b) Whatsapp
(c) Twitter
(d) Yahoo

Q1 B) Match the following columns:

Column AColumn B
1) Blogs with short posts tumblelog
2) Blog with photosphotoblog
3) Ongoing diaryPersonal blog
4) Blogs with multiple authors and one themeCollaborative blogs
5) Blog comprising videosvlog
6) Blogs with small pieces of digital contentMicroblog
7) Wearable Wireless WebcamSousveillance
8) Blog used for marketing Corporate blog
9) Blog with linkslinklog
10) Blog written by mobile devicemoblog

Q1 C) State whether the following statements are True or False :

  1. WAN connects a number of computers spread over a relatively small area – False
  2. www is a user friendly facet of Internet – True
  3. E-mail is a slow means of communication – False
  4. E-commerce is an electronic means of conducting business – True
  5. Whatsapp is a free to download messenger app for smart phones – True
  6. When direct connection is established, a microcomputer is said to be off line
  7. Tweets are sent through facebook – False
  8. Walls and timelines are offered by facebook – True
  9. Twitter can be used on smartphones – True
  10. Whatsapp server keeps the message for 30 days in its database if it is not delivered – True.

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