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FYBCOM Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 4 Notes | FYBAF | FYBMS | Mumbai University

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Fybcom Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 4 Notes
Fybcom Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 4 Notes

Fybcom Business Communication Sem 1 Chapter 4 Notes
(Introduction To Business Ethics)

Q1 A) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate option:

1) The two ways that companies can approach and implement concept of business ethics are _______________ focused and stakeholder-focused.
a) company
b) shareholder
c) individual

2) ______________ media blurs private/public boundaries.
a) Social
b) Journalistic
c) Entertainment

3) _________ is a result of self-discipline, inner trust, and a decision relentlessly honest in all situations.
a) Exercise
b) Integrity
c) Work

4) ______________ Becomes an integral part of the wealth creation process.
a) Social responsibility
b) Journalism
c) E-mail

5) ______________ scans your incoming emails.
a) virus protection software
b) hardware
c) computer

Q1 B) State whether the following statements are true or false:

  1. Use a Computer for false propaganda to ensure your Individual growth – False
  2. The ethical stance is the extent to which an organisation will extent its minimum obligation to stakeholders – True
  3. Social media tools tend to be available at a very high cost relative other forms of media – False
  4. If you have people who work under you, always remember to credit yourself for their work – False
  5. Take at least a few days before responding to your E-mail – False

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