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TYBCOM Sem 5 Commerce Question Paper 2019 | Free pdf | Mumbai University

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TYBCOM Sem 5 Commerce Question Paper 2019
TYBCOM Sem 5 Commerce Question Paper 2019

TYBCOM Sem 5 Commerce Question Paper 2019

[Time: 3 Hours] [Marks: 100]

Please check whether you have got the right question paper.
1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 A) Select the most appropriate answer from the options given below (Any Ten) (10 Marks)

1) _________ concept of Marketing aims at making the product widely available.
a) Production
b) Exchange
c) Relationship
d) Holistic

2) _________ is one of components of Marketing Information System.
a) Marketing Mission
b) Marketing Channel
c) Marketing Mix
d) Marketing Intelligence

3) Usage rate is one of the bases of Market __________.
a) Channel
b) Distribution
c) Segmentation
d) None of these

4) During __________ stage, the product is launched in the market.
a) Introduction
b) Growth
c) Maturity
d) Decline

5) __________ is a strategy when a firm uses an existing brand name to introduce a product in a different product category.
a) Brand Extension
b) Brand Positioning
c) Brand Equity
d) Brand Deletion

6) _________ internal factor influences pricing of the product.
a) Demand
b) Cost
c) Competition
d) Consumer

7) Manufacturer to customer distribution channel is called as _________.
a) Zero- level Channel
b) Multi-Level Channel
c) Two- level Channel
d) None of these

8) _________ is one of the elements of promotion.
a) Transport
b) Warehousing
c) Packaging
d) Logistics

9) __________ is a step in personal selling.
a) Prospecting
b) External Environment
c) Internal Environment
d) Perception

10) Consumer organizations assist individual customers in __________.
a) Legal matters
b) Brand Selection
c) Product selection
d) None of these

11) In rural marketing most of the rural customers prefer to make payment by ___________.
a) Demand Draft
b) Cheque
c) Cash
d) None of these

12) Marketing Manager of a global firm does not face _________ challenge.
a) Global Market
b) Demographics
c) Communication
d) None of these

Q.1 B) State whether the following statements are true or false: (Any Ten) (10 Marks)

  1. Branding is one of the important functions of Marketing.
  2. Market Research emphasizes on accurate data collection and critical analysis.
  3. There are four patterns of target market selection.
  4. Gratitude is one of the parameters in the service positioning.
  5. For effective product designs managers need not to conduct marketing research.
  6. Label performs the function of an information tag.
  7. Long channels of distribution are most suitable when there are few customers concentrated in particular area.
  8. Public Relation is an important element of IMC.
  9. Supply Chain Management is a part of logistics.
  10. The word ‘ethics’ is derived from the Latin word ‘ethnic’.
  11. Viral marketing is one of the forms of digital marketing.
  12. Cloning is a marketing Strategy adopted by market leaders.

Q.2) Answer ANY TWO of the following: (15 Marks)

a) Define Marketing. Explain its functions.
b) What is Data Mining? Explain the importance of Data Mining.
c) Explain the various bases of Market segmentation.

Q.3) Answer ANY TWO of the following: (15 Marks)

a) Discuss the various stages in Product Life Cycle.
b) Explain the importance of service positioning.
c) Elaborate on the various pricing strategies.

Q.4) Answer ANY TWO of the following: (15 Marks)

a) Explain the various factors influencing the selection of Channel of Distribution.
b) Define Integrated Marketing Communication. Explain its scope.
c) What are the different components of Sales Management?

Q.5) Answer ANY TWO of the following: (15 Marks)

a) Explain the competitive strategies for Market Challengers and Market Nichers.
b) Explain the importance of Green Marketing.
c) Describe the reasons for failure of brands in India with suitable examples.

Q.6) Write short notes on ANY FOUR of the following: (20 Marks)

a) Strategic Marketing V/s Traditional Marketing
b) Market Targeting.
c) Packaging.
d) Skills required for effective selling.
e) Unethical practices in Marketing.
f) Careers in Marketing.

TYBCOM SEM 5 Commerce Question Paper 2019 Pdf

TYBCOM Sem 5 All Question Papers

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Tips to score good marks in TYBCOM Exam

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying: begin early. You’ll have more time to learn the topic and solve questions, the earlier you start.
  2. Remain arranged: Plan a study schedule and stick to it. Take time to rest and refresh during breaks.
  3. Regularly review your notes: Regularly reviewing back your notes will help you keep the content in your memory.
  4. Practice, practice, practice: By working through sample problems and completing sample tests, you can identify your areas of weakness and become familiar with the exam’s format.
  5. Ask for assistance if you need it: If you’re having trouble with the subject, don’t be shy to ask for assistance. You can seek advice from your teacher, a classmate, or a tutor.
  6. Get a good night’s sleep: The night before the exam, be sure to get lots of rest. A mind that has got enough sleep is better prepared to memorize and recall information.
  7. Arrive early on exam day: Arrive early on the day of the exam to give yourself time to settle your worries and mentally prepare.
  8. Stay focused during the exam: Avoid being distracted during the exam by remaining focused. Take a deep breath and return your attention to the activity at hand if you realize that your mind is roaming.
  9. Don’t waste too much time on any one question: keep an eye on the time. If you start to struggle, leave it and return to it later.
  10. Review your exam after you’re done: After you’re finished, review your paper for a while. By doing this, you’ll be able to correct any mistakes you may have made and provide any answers you’re not sure about.

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